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If you're having problems playing or recording videos, here's a few things you should check to help solve your problem.

  • Is your webcam plugged in and turned on? (Obvious, we know).
  • Does your webcam work at all? Most webcams come with their own software, check that it's recognised and working with this. If not, check if it came with software to help diagnose problems. Perhaps you still need to install drivers?
  • Check your webcam works in your browser, websites such as testwebcam.com can help with this. Check if there are any updates available for your browser, as these can often fix problems.
  • If it still doesn't work in your browser, try another one, they're free! We recommend Chrome or Firefox.
  • If your still having problems, check you have Flash installed and it's up to date. You can check here.
  • After all that, if you're still having problems, you'll need to let us know your browser details. This website will detect them, and just click 'send details' to send them to us. You should also email us at support@miituu.com with a description of the problems you're experiencing. http://supportdetails.com/?sender_name=Forename+Surname&sender=email&recipient=support@miituu.com

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